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Feedback Review

Have a pricing model in the works? Want to identify some quick wins?


Service Description


Do you want personalized advice about your pricing model? Book a Feedback Review with one of our experts. In this fast-paced, 45-minute call, a pricing expert from our team will critique your pricing page and give you underground knowledge about how to increase your revenue potential.


A pricing page teardown with us will identify quick wins to improve your ARR conversion and growth potential immediately. Should you add features to a package? Do you have too many restrictions in your plans? Are you charging for the right thing?  Find out by booking today!

From Our Clients

Jonathan Tilley
CEO & Co-Founder

"The pricing strategy review was an awesome and valuable session for us! The revenue growth potential coming out of this session is incredibly exciting."

Lee Russell

"We loved the Feedback Review session! The call and decks your team provided were packed full of value for Stash. We'll definitely reach out to you again!"

Need something more robust than a quick call?

Our 5Q Framework™ is the pricing overhaul you're looking for! Our Pricing Design services cover packaging, pricing, and maintenance in a single engagement.

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