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The FITT Checklist


FITT Checklist | Data is used to develop a pricing strategy.

One of the more effective ways
to gauge your pricing page

Are your sales keeping up with your competitors?

Need a quick win to boost conversions?

Score your pricing page against our proven checklist

to see which simple changes you can make today!

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Common Pricing Page Mistakes

Odd Pricing Patterns

Fight the urge to be exact down to the penny. Using prices that aren't easily calculated with mental math creates negative friction.

Product Fit Uncertainty

We don't want customers wondering if your product was made for them; we want them to know it!

Steep Learning Curves

Packages that lack appropriate customer support could likely lead to churn. Access barriers limit your product's potential.

I want to strengthen my pricing page!

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FITT Checklick | Pricing strategy | Framework for monetization
FITT Checklist

From Our Clients

Adam Nasir | CEO | Smarter Contact

"Thank you Marcos; the session was very valuable. Your insight and expertise was a great help!"

James Lee | COO | Park Bench Solutions

"So great to meet you, and THANK YOU for an awesome 1:1 session with Park Bench! The wheels are turning over here now with many new ideas. We will definitely be back for more guidance as we implement and begin to fine tune."

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