Pricing doesn't have to be hard

Marcos Rivera presents a refreshing and practical playbook to help SaaS professionals figure out the right pricing strategy to unlock growth and capture value in B2B and enterprise software.

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There are many struggles in the SaaS world, but the biggest one is arguably the most important one: pricing.

Leaving money on the table by charging too little or driving clients away with confusing plans are reasons why SaaS companies fail.

​Getting pricing right can differentiate between just getting by and high revenue growth. But don’t get it twisted; this is not another book about pricing theory. After years of teaching B2B companies how to capture value and win new clients with the right pricing model, pricing expert Marcos Rivera has distilled his 25 years of experience into this book. What he found out is that pricing, like great music, is all about finding what works for you.

About the

I was raised by a single mother in a one-bedroom apartment in the Bronx.  The streets were hard on me, but I survived by applying what my mom taught me:

Stay curious, take the lead, and give help.

Fast forward to today, Software as a Service (SaaS) has transformed almost every business, from music to marketing to medicine.  While I learned a lot straddling dual roles as a product executive and pricing expert my entire career, my AHA moment came to me after noticing an unwavering pattern:

Most B2B SaaS leaders spent their time building value, but not enough time capturing it!

So in the spirit of staying curious, I discovered that many B2B SaaS leaders see pricing as a “black box”; they guess, fumble, and wing it most of the time.  They needed help!

From there, I decided to take the lead and give help to B2B SaaS businesses by dedicating a practice that teaches and provides them turn-by-turn directions for how to monetize value and unlock growth.

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"Very few people can explain complex pricing strategies with the graceful clarity of Marcos Rivera."
Syed Balkhi
CEO, Awesome Motive
"Most SaaS pricing advice is theoretical bullsh** that takes forever to apply. Marcos's Street Pricing takes a different approach. You can make an impact at your company in weeks, not quarters. I can attest. Marcos’s pricing strategies have been one of the highest ROI for our company. Nothing else comes close."
Ali Mamujee
Head of Product Stategy, Mercatus
"Meticulously written and endlessly insightful, with each track the book provides data-driven recommendations for pricing models that guide readers through the complexities and pitfalls of pricing SaaS products. Rivera’s voice is fierce and full of swagger as he relies on his own personal history to set the tone for his ambition and his success."
Michelle Jacobs
US Review