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A note from the author:

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There are many struggles in the SaaS world, but the biggest one is arguably the most important one: pricing. Leaving money on the table by charging too little or driving clients away with confusing plans is one of the many reasons why many SaaS companies fail. 


Getting pricing right can be the difference between just getting by and high revenue growth. But don’t get it twisted, this is not another book about pricing theory. After years of teaching B2B companies how to capture value and win new clients with the right pricing model, I’ve distilled my knowledge into the pages of this book. What I found out is that pricing, like great music, is all about finding what works for you.
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Marcos Rivera

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I wrote Street Pricing to help you:

  • Lay the groundwork for value-based pricing

  • Learn the right (and the wrong) way to monetize

  • Understand why most pricing efforts fail

  • Master the art of packaging

  • Get better at pricing over time

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​Paired with interviews with experienced SaaS veterans and visualized through the music that moved a generation, the lessons, strategies, and framework in these pages will have you seeing recurring revenue, gain customers that rave about you, and net retention that’s unparalleled even in a crowded market. It’s the only pricing playlist you’ll ever need.