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We typically help investor-backed companies looking for immediate Return-on-Investment.

We focus on growth-stage B2B SaaS businesses that have outgrown their pricing strategy

We work with High-growth, investor-backed B2B SaaS companies with $5M—$500M in ARR that are looking to change their monetization motion in six months or less.

Vertical-focused software platforms: Fintech & Payments, IT & Infrastructure, Healthcare IT, Security & Compliance, Workforce & Workflow

Cloud Applications, AI product innovation, BI & data intelligence, multi-product platforms

Value-based pricing often under invested or ignored​

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We unlock growth by taking a simple, powerful, and easy to understand approach to monetization – we call this approach the 5Q Pricing Framework™.

Frequently asked

At Pricing I/O, our distinctiveness lies in our innovative approach to training and coaching. Unlike traditional consulting firms, that run a study and drop a 200-slide PowerPoint deck on your lap, we dig, coach, and guide your team throughout the journey. As former operators, we cut through the theoretical noise and blend rigor with reality. We’ve built, launched, and grown software ourselves, honing our pattern recognition and industry know-how to gut-check against the data to find the best path for our clients.

Our strength lies in customization. We integrate cutting-edge research and analytics methodologies tailored specifically for the dynamic landscape of B2B SaaS pricing and packaging. Our seasoned team combines deep industry expertise with a track record of tangible success stories, ensuring our clients not only receive guidance but also practical, results-driven solutions that set them apart in the market. We understand that each SaaS company is unique. That’s why our programs are designed to be flexible and adaptable. During our initial consultations, we work closely with clients to identify their specific challenges and goals. From there, we partner to focus coaching and the design of pricing frameworks ensuring a personalized approach that address the individual needs of each company, ultimately fostering accelerated growth.

Absolutely. One notable success story is Xactly, which saw a remarkable increase in unit pricing and win rates after engaging with Pricing I/O. This is just one example showcasing the real impact our services can have on a company’s key metrics. Pricing engagements with Pricing I/O are initially focused on meeting current financial growth goals and/or addressing problematic sales & marketing concerns.  In addition, we excel at coaching your team to continue to use price as a powerful lever to impact future business goals.  

Spanning from ARR growth to market share growth to improvement in NPS to an increase in Net Retention, there are several ROI metrics that can be measured over time. Of course we understand that our clients are also instituting other changes in-parallel.  Sales training, customer support improvements, contract/billing term changes, etc.  Pricing strategy is among the top priorities, though typically not the only strategic investment.

Our programs are designed with flexibility in mind. We offer a range of options based on the needs of the client to seamlessly integrate our services into their operations without disrupting their day-to-day activities, From intensive short-term programs (3-4 weeks) to ongoing, phased engagements (8-12 weeks), the primary deliverable is a holistic Pricing Architecture for the client’s SaaS product or tech platform. During the initial Discovery Phase, we will dive deep into the product features with internal data analysis and external research (for example: competitive assessments and customer input). As we shift into the Coaching Phase, we begin recommending pricing models and packaging structures to achieve a client’s main business goals. This will range from what should be considered “core value” to what features & services are expansion opportunities.

Completing the Design Workshop and entering the final phase, Planning and Execution, is where all components of the go-forward packaging and pricing model will be agreed upon by key stakeholders. There is always risk, and there are always operationalization considerations. The final few weeks will cover pricing implementation to address both as our clients plan for a successful rollout and launch of their new pricing.

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