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Marcos Rivera

CEO & Pricing Coach

•  20 years of pricing expertise in SaaS
•  Operating executive at Vista Equity Partners

•  Helped price 200 SaaS products...and counting​
•  Coached over 100 SaaS CEOs...and counting​​

•  Teach pricing to MBA students at UC San Diego

•  Author, speaker, investor, and entrepreneur

Marcos Rivera, Founder and CEO of Pricing I/O
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Here's My Story


I was raised by a single mother in a one-bedroom apartment in the Bronx.  The streets were hard on me, but I survived by applying what my mom taught me:  Stay curious, take the lead, and give help.


Fast forward to today, Software as a Service has transformed almost every business, from music to marketing to medicine.  While I learned a lot straddling dual roles as a product executive and pricing expert my entire career, my AHA moment came to me after noticing an unwavering pattern:


Most B2B SaaS leaders spent their time building value, but not enough time capturing it!

So in the spirit of staying curious, I discovered that many B2B SaaS leaders see pricing as a "black box"; they guess, fumble, and wing it most of the time.  They needed help!

From there, I decided to take the lead and give help to B2B SaaS businesses by dedicating a practice that teaches and provides them turn-by-turn directions for how to monetize value and unlock growth.

And this is where our story begins.  Join us and take control of your most powerful growth lever - Pricing.  It would be my honor to help you!  Reach out below or ping me on LinkedIn.


A dedicated team of experts to work side-by-side with you throughout your pricing journey.
Adam Baker, LinkedIn profile, Pricing strategist
Adam Baker

Pricing Strategist

Mooresville, NC

Anlin Sethi, LinkedIn profile, Chief Operating Officer
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Anlin Sethi

Chief Operating Officer

San Diego, CA

Kristi Seaver, LinkedIn profile, Executive assistant
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Kristi Seaver

Executive Assistant

Fairport, NY

Marrissa Nielsen, LinkedIn profile, Administrative assistant
 Marrissa Nielsen

Administrative Assistant

San Diego, CA

Matthew (Matt) Duncan, LinkedIn profile, Senior pricing analyst
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Matt Duncan

Senior Pricing Analyst

San Diego, CA

Renita (Nita) Payno, LinkedIn profile, Marketing coordinator
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Nita Payno

Marketing Coordinator

San Diego, CA

Peter Cohen, LinkedIn profile, Senior pricing analyst
Peter Cohen

Senior Pricing Analyst

Los Angeles, CA

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Tyler Purvis, LinkedIn profile, Market research coordinator
Tyler Purvis

Market Research Coordinator

Eugene, OR

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